• Nutritional Therapy London

    What is nutritional therapy?

    Nutritional therapy is the application of the latest nutrition science and functional medicine in order to promote health and peak performance. It aims to identify functional imbalances and how these may contribute to the underlying causes of our bodies’ ailments. This approach allows the nutritional therapist to work with people on the many levels by addressing individual needs with vitamins, minerals and nutrients and thus supporting the body towards optimal health.

    What kinds of complaints do nutritional therapy clients come to us with?

    • Female hormone imbalances
    • Fatigue
    • Stress
    • Fertility problems
    • Cholesterol
    • Weight loss
    • Skin problems
    • Allergies and intolerances
    • Low moods
    • Sports nutrition
    • Chronic inflammatory problems
    • Autoimmune and sub-optimal immunity
    • Gastro-intestinal issues
    • Diabetes

    What to expect

    A nutritional therapist’s work starts with a client consultation, which involves the setting of wellbeing goals, a detailed analysis of your diet and lifestyle, and medical case history.

    A therapist will then piece together a holistic health picture and indentify any functional imbalances in order to create a individual strategy for optimal health that fits into your life. A nutritional therapist will not only give you advice and guidance but also support and motivate you through the process.  Short to medium term supplement programmes are often suggested; your nutritional therapist will talk you through all advice and make sure you have a clear plan which suits you. Taking control of your diet and lifestyle is the best way to help you to take back control of your body and wellbeing.

    Our nutritionists – Libby and Amy – conduct consultations differently. Please see their individual profiles for more information.