• Meet Libby Limon, Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher

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    How did you come to nutrition?

    I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 13 and over a number of years it became more debilitating and restrictive as well as having increasing negative effect on my overall health. I continued to go down the medical route with many different drugs, but no real improvement. At 25 I was rushed to hospital where I ended up for 10 days, still at the end of it the doctors had no real answers of what was wrong or how to heal me. I made the decision that there must be a way and started my own research.  The more I learnt, the more I was fascinated. I slowly made lifestyle and dietary changes and started to feel better. This knowledge fuelled with my love of food and cookery, suddenly made me realise that I could help others in my position with chronic health issues.

    Who or what inspires you in your profession?

    Seeing improvements in clients that have taken my advice is incredibly rewarding.  I think feeling like I am making a difference to peoples’ wellbeing is was motivates and inspires me.

    What is your favourite food?

    Avocado – a true super food that is packed with goodness.

    What is it that you love about what you do?

    Nutrition is still a science in its infancy, but also growing popularity not only with the general public but within the medical and scientific community. This means there is always something new to learn about, new studies and more things to add to my nutritional toolbox with which I can educate and help people with. Food  is something I am passionate about so talking about it all day is also a fantastic bonus.

    What area of nutritional therapy are you most interested in?

    I am most definitely a general practitioner, but I am drawn to working with hormonal imbalances and fertility.

    How long have you been practicing?

    I graduated from University of Westminster in 2011. Additionally the university has a fantastic training clinic which enable me to get 300 hours of clinical contact time before I graduated.

    What do you think is the most important thing about your treatment?

    Listening to clients about their lifestyle and goals.  It is no good suggesting that a client makes a change that is just not practical for them to achieve. Nutrition is about making small manageable changes to hopefully make big improvements in wellbeing.

    Tell us something that people don’t know about Nutritional Therapist

    We are not all vegetarians or vegans that don’t eat diary or wheat!

    Where did you study?

    University of Westminster BSc (hons) Nutritional Therapy

    Where do you see your practice in 5 years’ time?

    Clinical practice is the backbone of what I do, so I will still be at Islington & Clerkenwell Chiropactic and Complementary Health Clinic, but I would also like to expand my corporate wellbeing work and also study further for a master degree.

    What has been you most interesting case? 

    Everyone I see has an interesting story and complex interactions between their lifestyle, diet and overall wellbeing.  As a nutritional therapist I look at the whole picture to work towards an individuals’ goal. For example I had a client that was going through IVF and wanted help with her chance of conceiving, however her overall health was compromised because of suffering with severe asthma most of her life. Her immune system, detoxification processes, hormone balances and digestion had all been severely affected by her condition and the associated medications. We worked together along side her medical and fertility consultants to improve her overall wellbeing as well as specific fertility protocols in order to for her to be in the best shape possible when she took her next round of IVF.

    What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

    Cooking, yoga, going for long walks and just generally enjoying life.


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