• Angela Heap

    Angela Heap cropNutritionist– Dip NT CNM, BANT
    To make an appointment with Angela, please call our reception to book: 020 7490 4042 ext 1.

    After a general interest in health for many years , Angela trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) for 3 years. She graduated in 2008 after completing 200 clinical hours of practice. During her time at college the area of hormonal health and pregnancy became a fast favorite as many of her case studies involved treating women with fertility issues and hormonal irregularities. After graduation she continued working in this area and specialized in fertility, hormonal management, pregnancy, baby and child health.

    As Nutritional therapist her view and approach is to empower people towards optimum health, often working alongside conventional medicine practitioners in order to ensure the best outcome. She has supported many couples in their fertility journeys. Many of the men and women treated suffered from reproductive issues such as endometriosis, PCOS and issues around sperm health. Through supporting them through a programme of good nutrition and a range of supplements she has helped them to bring their bodies back into balance. Many of them went on from this to conceive naturally and others through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and in 2013 Angela had an 80% success rate which she hopes to continue in in the coming years.

    She is passionate about getting nutrition right from an early age and has a keen interest in working with couples, parents and children to improve health from preconception through to pregnancy, breastfeeding and weaning and beyond. In the last few years Angela has been involved in many areas all around getting food and wellbeing back on the table! This has involved community cooking programmes in deprived areas of London and also worked in government funded programmes for teenage mums.

    Over the last few years Angela has strengthened her development and knowledge of fertility by honing her skills and diagnostic tools, focusing heavily on Functional Medicine and genetics as the key that opens the lock to infertility. Digging deeper into this area she completed training on genes, epigenetics and using DNA testing to help add the final piece to the puzzle of ‘unexplained infertility. Angela applies her expert knowledge to develop tailored and structured programmes for each individual client which, to date, has helped many with long term infertility to deliver healthy babies.

    Angela also works closely with a number of internationally renowned experts in the field of fertility. She is a regular speaker on the largest free online fertility event; ‘Fertility Question Time’, is a member of the team for Natural Fertility Expert and is part of a global network of practitioners that work around using DNA analysis and epigenetics. She also talked at the largest Fertility online event in 2014 the Fertility Focus Telesummit

    Alongside Natural Fertility Expert, Angela works with couples to help them with their fertility through her own business Fertile Ground Nutrition. She also writes regularly on the subject through a variety of mediums such as a regular blog and magazines articles.

    Angela is passionate about health and wellbeing and in 2014 she became the Campaigns Activist for Freedom4Health an organization dedicated to ensuring equality of healthcare for complementary therapists, as in recent years non-mainstream approaches to health are being adversely affected because they are faced with arbitrary hurdles put in place by a regulatory system that is institutionally biased in favour of the large food and pharmaceutical companies. F4H supports practitioners rights in terms of practicing in a decent honest and non hostile environment and therefore enabling the general public access to healthcare that does not follow mainstream allopathic approaches.

    To make an appointment with Angela, please call our reception to book:
    020 7490 4042 ext 1.


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